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Can TW Jackson's "The Magic Of Making Up" Help You Repair Your Relationship?

It's been one of the Internet's best selling ebooks on the topic of getting your ex back since it hit the "shelves" in late 2007. But sales figures can be more the reflection of slick marketing than real value, so I set out to find some evidence of real-world effectiveness. Take a look at this video then check out my review below.


The Magic Of Making Up Review

from The Magic Of Making Up

magic of making up
I'm a stickler for credibility and I place a lot of value on the "been there, done that" institute of education.

I don't want to be told how to stop smoking by a lifelong non-smoker who claims he can "fix" me because he completed a 4 hour training class with the American Lung Association. And I don't want advice on how to get my ex back from a clinical psychologist who's never even been in a relationship. Give me the 30-year smoker who's quit successfully; give me the guy who' been dumped several times and learned the magic of making up from real world experience.

On The Magic of Making Up information page T.W. Jackson professes his credentials:

"I have been a military brat, or in the military for a majority of my life. And because I have lived in so many places and changed schools so often as a kid I had to learn how to get along with people."

"I became really good at reading people, understanding what makes them "tick" and even got to a point where I could influence their behavior and actions. In fact, I got quite good at doing this, so good in fact that I was the "go to" guy whenever my friends had just about any kind of "people problem."

"Anyway, I got a ton of practice keeping relationships together and putting them back together after  they had come apart because the divorce rate for military couples is MUCH HIGHER than average."

"T-Dub" (that's what he invites us to call him), warns us that his methods are controversial and cautions that this program is not for stalkers, ex-cons, people with severe mental problems or "other crazies, cuckoos or whack jobs". As to how he is going to keep his methods out of their hands there is no mention.

Visit "The Magic Of Making Up" Info Site Now

Jackson's site lists a myriad of immediate benefits you'll receive after downloading his program, including:

  • How to get your head on straight.
  • Learn what women crave most.
  • Discover the core reason why men leave women.
  • When you should apologize and when you shouldn't.
  • The fastest and shortest path back into her heart.
  • When to have sex during the reconciliation period.
And here's an important quote from his site:
"Order and download The Magic Of Making Up. If you are not back together with your ex within 60 days…or you are not absolutely delighted for any reason…You will receive a prompt and courteous refund."

I'll be honest; I think "T-Dub" looks and acts like a hick.

But I also have to point out that "The Magic of Making Up" site is chock full of glowing testimonials and my research uncovered plenty more of them. And while Jackson's lack of quantifiable credentials (that is, "initials after his name") is on one hand disconcerting, the preponderance of evidence as to the effectiveness of his methods is unarguable. Denying "The Magic of Making Up"'s value based on Jackson's lack of traditionally recognized qualifications would be akin to saying Eric Clapton can't play guitar well because he doesn't possess a degree in music. With that in mind, and with recognition of the value of real-world experience vs. classroom theory, we heartily recommend that you investigate T.W. Jackson's "The Magic of Making Up". Remember, you have 60 days to decide if T-Dub's advice will help you win back the love of your life.

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