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Save The Marriage By Lee Baucom Review

from Lee H. Baucom, Ph.D.


"Save Your Marriage...Starting Today!"

save the marriage

I like credentials when it comes to relying on the advice of someone to help me fix a problem—like a broken marriage, for instance. Lee Baucom, author of "Save the Marriage", has the right stuff to make me take a good, hard look at his ebook. In addition to the Ph.D. behind his name:

"I am a professional family and marriage counselor with almost twenty years of experience working with couples that are struggling in their marriages."

Now you've got my attention. And I'm reaching for my credit card.

Baucom's information page points out a startling statistic; "most marriage professionals see a success rate of no more than 20% in saving marriage relationships." (He later claims a success rate of almost 90% with the Save the Marriage System). The reason? Most marriage therapists are trained to treat patients in a traditional, "one-on-one" therapy then add "Marriage Counseling" to their qualifications after the fact. Here's a link to a short video where Baucom explains this concept in detail: watch video

Go to the "Save the Marriage" information page.

Product Description

Let's take a look at what's included in Lee Baucom's Save the Marriage System:

  • Module 1: The Top Five Things NOT to Do When Your Partner Wants Out.
  • A critical stage in a marital breakup where gut reactions are typically wrong. Learn to avoid the top 5 mistakes.
  • Module 2: Quick Start Guide to Saving Your Marriage.
  • Evaluate exactly which stage of crisis you are in receive a personalized path to recovery.
  • Module 3: Save the Marriage Core Component.
  • This is the core of Bauman's Save the Marriage System where you'll be asked to read, complete exercises and begin moving toward the relationship repair you desire.
  • Module 4: Down and Dirty Guide to Saving Your Marriage.
  • A step by step guide to rebuilding your relationship.

I like this approach as it leaves little for personal interpretation as to how to use the system. Do this, then do that, followed by this…
For a linear thinker like me this is ideal.

To sweeten this one-time payment of $47 deal Baucom is including four bonuses:

  1. Coping With a MidLife Crisis (audio).
  2. Recovering From an Affair (audio).
  3. 5 Rules For Fair Fighting Report.
  4. "Change of Heart" eBook.
Visit Save the Marriage System site.

Product Research

Lee Baucom's Save the Marriage System comes with a 100% Unconditional 60-Day Money Back Guarantee. From his information page:

"If, for any reason (or no reason at all), you decide this book hasn't transformed your marriage. . . I will refund every penny you paid. Furthermore, I'll even let you keep the system (and the bonuses) for your trouble!"

That's pretty strong. It means that if the Save the Marriage System turned your hopelessly failing marriage into wedded bliss you could keep everything Baucom sent you and get your money back to boot—which would, of course be dishonest and downright low.

Bottom Line: I know how common marriage problems are and I've watched the pain of some dear friends as they found themselves in need of relationship repair. I get a very good feeling about Bauman and the Save the Marriage System and in my research have found much glowing praise for his work. And with a guarantee like that, face it, you've got nothing to lose by giving his product a try.

PS: You can "Try It On For Size" by subscribing to Baucom's free E-Course.

Visit Save the Marriage System site.

"I, personally, have never seen my relationship so clearly and understood so completely what I can do to make it great again. I am going to rescue my marriage and I think this book can do the same for you. The Save The Marriage ebook by Lee Baucom, Ph.D., is very highly recommended."
Actual user comment from an Internet review


"My marriage has been in trouble for years. I've read other books. . . your ideas are radically different from the others. I've never read anything like it.
Now, things are improving. I finally have hope!" Rob B.

"I have bought several e-books which I am using to try to reestablish normal relations.
The one I like the best is Save The Marriage by Lee H Baucom. Makes a lot of sense and is helpig me come to terms." User comment from LoveShack.org


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