Marriage Separation Rules

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Marriage Separation Rules

Setting some marriage separation rules will greatly enhance the chances that your wounded bond will eventually heal. Your relationship has reached a point where it needs a break so you and your partner have decided to go your separate ways for a while. But rather than head blindly for your bachelor/bachelorette pad, take some time to discuss and agree to some marriage separation rules.

1) What about the young ones? If there are children, you need to set marriage separation rules regarding visitation. And please remember that one day you and your companion may get back together, so don't malign your partner in front of them.

2) Give each other some breathing space. The purpose of your separation is to give your association time to "breathe" and for the partners to re-evaluate the important question; "Am I better off with or without them?" You've experienced "with" so now it's time to get a real handle on what "without" looks and feels like. An occasional phone call is okay but it should be brief and to the point.

3) Are you going to play "The Dating Game?" This is one of the most imperative of your marriage separation rules, and there is no right or wrong answer. On one hand, seeing how other potential partners stack up to your current one can lend true perspective to your wounded relationship. And of course that new viewpoint can either draw you closer together or push you farther apart. On the other hand, remaining true to your partner can bring clarity to your feelings about them; and that can go either way too.

4) Live! This is not the time to lie around and cry about your relational problems. At best it simply adds to your already plentiful misery and at worst it makes you look unappealing to your partner. After all, who wants to live with a crybaby? Take up macrame or learn to play the guitar. Join some clubs, become a volunteer or spend some time getting in shape or learning to meditate. Use this time to do more, be more, become more.

These are some suggestions for marriage separation rules, but I believe they're a good starting point. Good luck; I hope your results, whatever they be, are right for both of you.

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