4 Tips To Repair Your Relationship

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4 Tips To Repair A Relationship

Identify the Problem: You can't fix something until you know exactly what it is that's broken. Likewise, in order to repair a relationship you need to identify exactly what went wrong. Did you stop communicating? Was one of you unfaithful, either physically or emotionally? Was the breakup over a compatibility issue (i.e., she wants to go to movies on the weekend and you don't)?

Talk: Each partner needs an opportunity to succinctly express how they feel about the issue identified in the first step. For example, she might say "Movies are a way for me to experience a different reality, to live vicariously through the characters. I also love sitting in the dark theater and feeling you next to me." Or you might tell her, "Watching movies is too passive for me. I like to be doing something, not sitting in the dark watching other people do stuff."

Listen: Effective communication is one of the keystones of a successful relationship and if you want to repair a relationship you'll need to become good at the tougher of the two aspects of communication; listening. So just shut up and listen empathetically to what your partner has to say. Be objective; pull your own prejudices and selfish wants out of the picture for a moment and try to see the problem from your partner's point of view. With this approach you may learn something about yourself that has not been evident to this point.

Be prepared to compromise: A successful relationship requires give and take. Yes, you may have to set aside your own needs or desires in order to allow some joy into your partner's life. Think of doing so as giving them a gift; you'll enjoy bringing happiness into their life as much as if you'd spent money on a piece of jewelry or other treasured item. Relationships take work and even the best of them break down from time to time. But with a little effort and some faith in your future together you can take these four steps and repair a relationship.

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