10 Signs Of A Cheating Partner

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10 Signs Of a Cheating Partner

spousal infidelityIs your partner faithful to you? What is cheating; when does friendship cross the line into infidelity? Do you know the signs of cheating?

Unfortunately, infidelity is all to common in relationships. And remember, cheating on a partner need not involve physical contact. In fact, with the ease of communication offered by the Internet I suspect that emotional cheating is rampant. So how do you know if your lover is being faithful? Here are a few signs of cheating to look out for.

1) Your lover starts getting nicer and treating you better, perhaps even buys you gifts. While at first this would seem contradictory to her losing interest in you, attentiveness and gifts can be a ploy to divert attention to what she knows you will eventually figure out. Gifts and attentiveness can also be driven by her feelings of guilt for cheating on her spouse/lover.

2) During fights, which he begins to start more frequently, he begins to threaten to end your relationship.

3) His mood is joyous and upbeat when he leaves the house but dour and down when he returns and needs to spend time with you.

4) He begins to lose interest in his home life; you, the kids and his responsibilities.

5) She becomes secretive, closing doors, using the computer at odd hours or having secretive telephone conversations.

6) Your mate never compliments you or says "I love you."

7) She begins spending more time away from you, out with "friends".

8) He begins paying more attention to how he looks or changes his looks, i.e. grows a beard, changes his hair style, gets a piercing or tattoo.

9) He withdraws from you, stops being affectionate or shows more interest in reading, watching TV or pursuing other "solo" interests.

10) Your intuition tells you that your partner is cheating on you. This may be the most significant of all the signs of cheating as your gut feeling is driven by the accumulation of observations listed above.

Okay; Now What?

Your lover has exhibited a few (or several) of the signs of cheating listed above; so what do you do now? I think the next step is determined by answering one simple question-Do I want this relationship to continue?

If the answer is "no", then it's time to say "Goodbye" to the person who betrayed you and broke your heart. If "yes", then there's some tough work to do. While I have yet to investigate and render advice on how to effectively break up, I have put together some thoughts on how to get past the

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