How To Repair Relationship Problems

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How To Repair Relationship Problems

repair relationshipYou can repair relationship problems quickly and efficiently once you understand the dynamics of how a relationship works. But do not confuse "quickly and efficiently" with "easily". A relationship is a complex interaction between two complex beings and like anything of lasting value it takes work. Consequently, be prepared to put some thought and effort into it if you want to successfully repair relationship problems. Following these steps will give you some structure and increase your chances of repairing your relationship.
1. Define the Problem
Communication, compatibility and trust are the three cornerstones of a successful relationship; if you find the need to repair relationship problems, it is likely that one of these has been compromised. Your first step, then, is for each of you to clearly define what you believe went wrong. Be as specific as you can; "You pissed me off," is vague and will do little to define the problem. "You made me mad when you chose to spend the night with your friends rather than celebrate our anniversary together," cuts to the root of the problem and allows amends to be made.
Was a trust betrayed, i.e. infidelity (which does not necessarily entail physical contact)? Have one of you "closed up" and refused to speak openly about your wants, needs, desires and dreams?  Have one of you become unwilling to accommodate your partner's wants, needs or desires? For example; have you suddenly changed your mind about going camping with her and elected to spend all your free time playing video games?
2. Discuss the Problem
Agree on a time and place for each of you to openly express your views on what happened to cause you to need relationship repair. Clear heads must prevail, so no booze or drugs are allowed. You talk, she listens, then you switch roles. Bear in mind that your partner will be seeing your relationship problem through a different set of eyes so you need to be open to their views. This is called "communication", and remember; it's one of the cornerstones of a successful relationship.
3. Decide If the Problem Can Be Resolved
Someone offended the other; that's the nature of relationship problems. So there's going to have to be forgiveness for the offense in order to repair the relationship. And forgiveness is most easily granted after a sincere apology. But forgiving a forgotten birthday or insensitive remark is a far cry from forgiving infidelity. sometimes you just can't repair relationship problems and you have to face a stark reality; it's over and time to move on.

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