How To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back After Cheating

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You Can Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back After Cheating On Him

cheating girlgriendThings started out great between the two of you but temptation got the better of you and now you want to know how to get your ex boyfriend back after cheating on him. Here are some tips for getting your ex back and strengthening your relationship in the process.

1) Successful relationships rely on trust and by cheating on your boyfriend you betrayed his trust in you. You need to begin by admitting to yourself and him that what you did was wrong. To defend your actions will only cause your ex to strengthen his defenses and mentally drive you further from him. If you are truly sorry tell him so; if you're not, spare him the grief and humiliation of having to watch you cheat on him again.

2) Give your relationship with your ex boyfriend time to heal. Cheating on your boyfriend is not a skinned knee; it's a deep gash and it's going to take time to heal properly. You have wounded one of his my prized and fragile possessions, his self image. Demanding that he immediately forgive and forget, and that the relationship return to its "pre-cheat" status is not how to get your ex boyfriend back after you cheated.

3) Begin again. Take baby steps. Be patient. When your relationship with your ex boyfriend began the two of you moved forward cautiously until you felt you could trust one another, enjoy each other's company and commit to sharing a very sacred part of yourself with the other. All that is going to have to happen again, and this reconstructive relationship surgery needs to be approached with much more clear-headed thinking and much less emotional reaction than the first time around. In other words, expecting him to invite you to his boudoir after your first date is far too optimistic.

There are some thoughts on how to get your ex boyfriend back after cheating on him. They won't always work, of course; sometimes the wound is just too deep to heal. But, just like a broken bone, if the relationship does heal, it will likely be far stronger than before the break took place.

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