4 Tips For Getting Your Ex Girlfriend Back Now

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4 Tips For Getting Your Ex Girlfriend Back Now

get your ex girlfriend backRelationships are complex interactions/associations between complex beings. Consequently, telling you how to go about getting your ex girlfriend back after a breakup can be complex, too. But don't be discouraged! It can be done! Following are my tips for getting your ex girlfriend back.

1) Understand the relationship dynamic. The fundamental bonds in any relationship are communication, trust and compatibility. Communication is the practice of each of you expressing your needs, desires, dreams and goals openly and honestly so your partner will know what will make you happy. The other side of communication is listening to your partner.
Trust means you can rely on your partner to be your equal and to be faithful to the relationship.
Compatibility is the extent to which you share those things that make you happy

2) What went wrong? In which of the three areas above was the breakup rooted. Was one withholding important information from the other? Was one of you not listening and reacting to the other? Did someone violate a trust by cheating? Does she love camping, hiking, skiing and bicycling while you prefer to sit on the couch playing video games?

3) Take a hard look at her. Ask yourself why getting your ex girlfriend back now is so important to you in the first place. What is it about this person that draws you like a moth to flame? Write out a definitive statement like,

"I want Sheila back because when I'm with her I feel like my need to share the incredible amount of love within me is satisfied."
Or this; "I want my ex girlfriend back because she can drink like a man and **** like a whore!"

One of these statements will serve as the basis of a good long-term relationship while the other will serve as the basis for a short-term good time. One is worth pursuing, the other can be found elsewhere without a great deal of difficulty.

4) Take a hard look at yourself. Step outside of yourself and take an objective look at the three bonds listed in #1and ask, "How well do listen? Do I share my needs, desires, dreams and goals with my ex girlfriend? Am I trustworthy; can she rely on me to stand by her, support her and remain faithful to her? Do we like to do the same types of things together?

There are no hard and fast rules for repairing a damaged relationship; they are just too complex to be salvaged by a one-size-fits-all prescription. But serious, objective evaluation of what went wrong and personal introspection can open a door that contains the answer to getting your ex girlfriend back.

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