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On this site you'll begin discovering the secrets to repairing your shattered relationship and retuning love to your life.

I can't help it; I'm a hopeless romantic. So I've searched the Internet to find the most successful relationship repair programs, objectively evaluate their effectiveness and present my unbiased results to you. Two programs that really stand out are Save the Marriage by Lee Baucom and Mort Fertel's Marriage Fitness. You'll find product reviews for both as well as several others on the right; they're under the little gold star emblems.

You'll also find some good free relationship advice on this site. From getting your ex back to dealing with a controlling spouse to discovering what men are really looking for in a partner; that's all here and more.

Start your return to love by reading the product reviews.

Each author/counselor has a different viewpoint and personality and you may find one that really rings true with you. Visit the product's information page; there are links to them on the review pages. But most of all, take heart! You can get your lover back and you can begin learning the secrets of how to do that beginning right now!

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